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Welcome to our warm
family business

AMA Haarden (short for Antwerp Made Architectural Fireplaces) has been executing exceptional, made-to-measure fireplace projects at home and abroad for over 40 years. Our team has an enduring passion for the profession and consistently strives to develop unique fireplace concepts that lend every interior an exclusive appearance.

The AMA Haarden story
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A genuine family business,
driven by passion

AMA Haarden has been passionately managed by the second-generation since 2007. Daughter Kim Mertens met Cees Kelderman, who’d been active in the sector in the Netherlands for many years, and the spark was both private and professional. It was soon a foregone conclusion that the couple would harness their extensive knowledge and experience to take over the business.

Together with their ten-strong team of interior architects and certified installers, Kim and Cees give the fireplace central stage in a unique interior design concept that forms an extension of your personal lifestyle.

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A personal approach
with an eye for every detail

As a family business, we’re extremely proud of every project that we complete. We’re personally committed to achieving flawless results and never leave anything to chance.

That’s why we consult extensively on every plan and actively share our expertise to guarantee its technical feasibility. We exclusively use fireplaces from leading brands that assure the same high-quality standards and personalised service as ourselves. We boast our own steel workshop and collaborate closely with pioneering architects and the most reputable companies.

In short, each step in every project is a beacon of quality and expertise, with a personal touch.


Breathtaking customisation
for every interior

Each and every project represents creative and considered customisation. A feast for the eyes, a technical work of art and the perfect match to your lifestyle. Every fireplace is the culmination of our interior architects and craftsmen’s passion for their craft. They set to work on your plan with one goal in mind – creating a unique design that sparks the imagination and takes your interior or outdoor space to the next level.

Discover our working method

Projects that spark
the imagination

Technical expertise, a feel for aesthetics and a keen eye for detail: our realised projects at home and abroad prove that the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

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