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Who doesn't dream of a beautiful open fire to light up their home? A fireplace is so much more than a simple source of heat. Dancing flames bring your living room to life and the eye-catching design takes your interior to the next level. Regardless the type of fireplace you choose, the possibilities are endless. Discover our comprehensive range of fireplaces.

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Custom fireplaces to match
your style and interior

Every room has a soul of its own.

And that’s precisely why our interior architects invariably consider the bigger picture. Which type of fireplace is the best match to your lifestyle? Which design would make the perfect finishing touch to your interior?

The result of this creative thought process is a beautiful, bespoke fireplace that’s integrated into a total design concept where warmth, ambience and aesthetics dominate.

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A fireplace lends instant warmth, ambience and dynamism to your living room, kitchen, master bedroom or terrace...

Discover here how a fireplace can add an extra dimension to both interior and exterior spaces.

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