AMA Haarden plants new forests

AMA Haarden is committed to a sustainable future. To neutralise our CO₂ emissions, a tree is planted in Belgium with every fireplace sale. We do this in cooperation with Go Forest, a partner that motivates us to think future-oriented. With great enthusiasm, we look forward to a greener future.

Ama haarden go forest

AMA Haarden cares about the climate

At AMA Haarden, we value nature and make sustainable choices every day. We are aware of the consequences of climate change and want to do our bit for a greener world. Planting trees inhibits global warming as they purify CO₂ from the atmosphere and have a cooling effect.

1 fireplace sold = 1 new tree

Together with Go Forest, we are working towards this greener world. Thus, for every fireplace sold by AMA Haarden, a new tree is planted. In combination with a fireplace powered by renewable energy, the buyer contributes twice to the environment, together with AMA Haarden.

Curious about how big the forest of AMA trees is in the meantime? The Go Forest counter on our website tells you how many trees we have already planted. The higher the counter, the greener our future.

What is Go Forest?

Go Forest is a CO2logic & South Pole partner and aims to inspire and motivate both individuals and companies to not only think about the future but also to act.

Follow our good examples

Visit the Go Forest website or buy a fireplace at AMA Haarden.