Maintenance tips for the maximum lifespan of your fireplace

A fireplace is the ultimate in rest and relaxation. To ensure continued enjoyment of your fireplace, AMA Haarden is available 24/7 in the event of defects or malfunctions. To actively prevent problems, we recommend following the simple maintenance tips for gas and wood-burning fireplaces below.

Gashaard Belfires

1. Clean the window of your fireplace once a year

A layer of soot will inevitably settle on your fireplace window, even if the flue is in perfect working order. You can easily remove this using a soft cloth, sponge or piece of paper and some glass or ceramic hob cleaner.

2. Replace remote control batteries in time

That way you’ll prevent the batteries from running out and simultaneously extend the life of the receiver.

3. Keep the ventilation duct free

Is your fireplace equipped with a ventilation duct? Then it’s important to keep this free at all times to allow the heat to escape properly.

4. Got a wood burner? Then have your chimney swept twice a year

For safe and sustainable enjoyment of your wood burner, we recommend having your chimney swept by a professional every six months.

5. Have your fireplace serviced by a professional on an annual basis

Want to guarantee carefree enjoyment of your fireplace? A maintenance contract will ensure that your fireplace undergoes rigorous, regular maintenance and remains in optimal condition.

Got a problem with your fireplace?

Then contact us by telephone or email and we’ll endeavour to solve the problem as quickly as possible. In the unlikely event that an outage occurs at a particularly inopportune moment and you’re unable to reach us, then you can always refer to the fireplace manufacturer’s manual in the first instance. This was supplied upon fireplace installation and, in most cases, is also available online.