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A gas fireplace offers the best of both worlds: the enduring warmth of an authentic open fire, at the touch of a button. Explore our gas fireplace solutions below.

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gas fireplaces

Looking to add a homely touch to your living space? Open gas fireplaces (built-in or using a gas cassette in an existing open fireplace) are maintenance-friendly and easy to operate.

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gas fireplaces

Keen to use your gas fireplace as a heat source? The flames in closed gas fireplaces are enclosed by a window and offer maximum efficiency in addition to aesthetic appeal.

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Built-in gas fireplaces

Sleek and minimalist: with a built-in gas fireplace only the flames are visible, whilst the remaining components are neatly incorporated into a surround. Want to install a fireplace into an existing hearth, wall or corner? The possibilities are endless and can be fully customised to your interior.

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Inset gas fireplaces

Is your room currently equipped with a chimney? Then you can quickly and easily install an inset gas fireplace with a living flame effect, without the need for major renovation work. A cosy inset gas fireplace is also an ideal way of breathing new life into your existing fireplace.

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The benefits of a gas fireplace

  • Easy to operate: plug and play
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • An endless variety of models
  • Maximum convenience: ideal for busy people
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Wide range of gas fireplaces

AMA Haarden exclusively works with gas fireplace brands that provide impeccable quality, fast service and stylish design.

  • Metalfire
  • Barbas Bellfires
  • Cosyflame
  • Focus
  • Element4
  • Kalfire
  • Faber


A fireplace lends instant warmth, ambience and dynamism to your living room, kitchen, master bedroom or terrace...

Discover here how a fireplace can add an extra dimension to both interior and exterior spaces.

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