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Does your room lack a flue, chimney or gas connection? Our bio-ethanol fireplaces instantly create a warm and welcoming fire in your home.

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What is a
bio-ethanol fireplace?

Bio-ethanol fireplaces are fuelled using eco-friendly, bio-ethanol fuel, which is poured into the fire’s reservoir. A ceramic stone serves as the burner bed and separates the evaporated bio-ethanol from the alluring flames. Does your room lack a chimney or gas connection, but you still wish to enjoy an authentic, living flame-effect fire? Then a bio-ethanol fireplace is the perfect solution.

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The benefits of a
bio-ethanol fireplace

  • Quick to install
  • Numerous styles and designs
  • Suitable for installation on a table, wall, or as a free-standing unit - everything’s possible!
  • Flame settings easy to regulate
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Discover our bio-ethanol
fireplace collection

We exclusively work with premium bio-ethanol fireplace brands that provide a superior service and enable you to enjoy your fire with complete peace of mind. Explore our brands below.

  • Glammfire
  • A-Fire
  • Ecosmart


A fireplace lends instant warmth, ambience and dynamism to your living room, kitchen, master bedroom or terrace...

Discover here how a fireplace can add an extra dimension to both interior and exterior spaces.

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